About Us

Legacy Exploration is an upstream oil and gas company. We allow sophisticated and accredited investors to partner with us as we coordinate joint venture drilling projects in some of the most prolific oil and gas fields in the country. Our mission is to maximize the value of our projects by using advanced drilling techniques and an extensive network of industry partners to ensure low-cost, high-return wells.

Unlike other companies, Legacy carefully selects its industry partners and its projects. We focus on performing upfront due diligence of potential oil and gas projects so that our investing partners have a greater probability of success in the oil and gas industry. Once a partner is successful, they will continue to invest with us on future projects.

Team Bio

Andrew Gautreaux – President & CEO

Mr. Gautreaux is President and CEO of Legacy Exploration. Andrew brings over a decade of experience in the oil and gas industry to Legacy. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a Bachelors Degree and during his last year of college, he began working with an independent oil and gas company and various industry professionals including geologists, petroleum engineers, geophysicists and sales professionals.

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Phillip Peterson – Chief Legal Officer

Mr. Peterson began his legal career as a corporate attorney at Fulbright & Jaworski representing oil and gas companies in Houston, Texas. He then practiced law in Austin, Texas, representing dozens of start-up companies and venture capital investors. From 2004 – 2010, he was the General Counsel of Microtune, Inc.

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Joey Shelton – Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Mr. Shelton is the Vice President of Sales/ Business Development at Legacy Exploration. He started his career in law enforcement in 2005, but in 2012 developed a passion for oil and gas.

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Robert Wisnewski – Associate Vice President of Sales

Mr. Wisnewski is an associate vice president of Legacy Exploration. He moved from Macon, Georgia to join the Legacy sales team in 2014.

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