Oil and Gas Experience + Due Diligence = Investing Confidence and Success

Legacy Exploration is not the only game in town, but we hold ourselves to a higher standard than other upstream oil and gas companies to provide confidence, peace of mind, and ROI for our partners. We leverage our deep industry experience and rich industry relationships to provide greater assurances for qualified investors interested in gas and oil opportunities.

Although there are no guarantees in well exploration, our experience, and extensive due diligence help us identify unique development opportunities with a high return on investment potential. Our research and development methods make us one of the top oil and gas exploration companies in Dallas, Texas — and indeed, in the world.

Success in the oil and gas sector has nothing to do with luck; it’s about having a controlled, disciplined, and methodical strategy to identify and develop projects with the highest likelihood of success. That’s the foundation of Legacy Exploration, and it’s why savvy investors choose us to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Get in touch with us to learn how we complement our industry experience with robust due diligence to look after the best financial interests of our joint venture partners.

Legacy Exploration vs. Traditional Oil & Gas Investments

For select individuals, the opportunity to forge an oil and gas joint venture is one of the best ways to take profit from the booming U.S. energy sector. Compared with traditional investment methods, the Legacy Exploration approach provides lower risks with added tax benefits. In fact, when it comes to tax-advantaged investments, oil and gas commodities stand above the rest.

Qualified investors who are able to take advantage of oil and gas exploration and development projects can deploy a number of advanced tax strategies that are found nowhere else in the tax code. This is what it means to build wealth like a major oil company, and Legacy Exploration can show you how.

Although oil and gas investments are not suitable for everyone, accredited investors looking for opportunities with strong returns on a tax-advantaged basis are encouraged to weigh the risk against the reward of an oil and gas joint venture. We’re confident that once you do, you’ll ask us how quickly you can get started.

If you have questions, our team has answers. We are happy to provide additional information to walk you through the finer details of investing in oil and gas as part of an independent joint venture.

We understand that even for savvy investors, this opportunity is a new proposition; that’s why we will answer any questions you have to help you make an informed and confident decision. No sales tactics, no pressure to invest–just answers, information, and guidance to help you make the decision that’s best for you, your family, and your portfolio.

How to Start an Oil & Gas Joint Venture

The first step is to request your free investor kit. Then, if you are interested and qualified, a member of our team will get in touch to discuss the next steps.

Transparency at All Levels

Unlike other companies, Legacy carefully selects its industry partners and its projects. We focus on performing upfront due diligence of potential oil and gas projects so that our investing partners have a greater probability of success in the oil and gas industry.

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