Andrew Gautreaux


Mr. Gautreaux is President and CEO of Legacy Exploration. Andrew brings over a decade of experience in the oil and gas industry to Legacy. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a Bachelors Degree and during his last year of college, he began working with an independent oil and gas company and various industry professionals including geologists, petroleum engineers, geophysicists and sales professionals.

After working for two independent oil and gas companies, he co-founded an independent oil and gas company in 2011. He later sold his interest in that company and launched Legacy Exploration so that he could participate in the new oil boom made possible by hydraulic fracturing and drill wells closer to his home in Texas. His mission, however, has remained the same throughout his career: to drill, service, and develop low-cost, high return, oil and gas wells with long term partners, and thus provide the highest possible returns to his investing partners. Mr. Gautreaux resides in Dallas, Texas.
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